Freedive and Scuba Spearfishing Adventures in St Croix US Virgin Islands

We offer specialized private spearfishing trips, both freedive and scuba. Equipment available for rental includes spearguns, dive knife, weight belts, gloves, masks, snorkels, long fins (limited sizes), fish stringers, zookeepers and lionfish pole spears. We use top of the line Riffe spearguns and other hiqh quality products for our rentals. Any questions or special requests feel free to inquire. 



Freediving / Skindiving Spearos

Freedivers will dive the best hunting spots based on your experience and dive depth. St Croix offers incredible freediving opportunities from 15ft reefs to wrecks as deep as 100+ feet. Spearfisherman are briefed on all legal species and methods of take as well as the food value of fish they may encounter. We strongly discourage the take of some reef species both to encourage reef health as well as avoid waste from taking fish that may carry toxic amounts of ciguatera in their system. Ask your Captain for more info. Bluewater trips hunting Wahoo, Tuna, and Mahi are only available at select times of the year. Call for more info. 



Scuba Spearos

An experienced spearfisherman/divemaster will accompany you to lead the dive, point out fish, and assist divers if the need arises. Spearfishing on scuba is for experienced divers only. If you are looking to get into the sport we can offer an introduction to spearfishing class only after you have demonstrated your scuba capabilities on a dive without spearguns first. With new divers we go over the logic of spearing on scuba, safety concerns, strategies for finding fish, lining up the shot, dispatching the fish, and quick reload techniques.

To Book a trip or check availability visit the Scuba or Freedive/Spearfish product pages. For any additional information contact Captain Shane via call or text at +1 504-258-2589